Scrap Yard Safety

Scrap yards can be dangerous places if there are inadequate security measures taken. Mountains of metal and giant machines do instill fear in people but that should not be the case. Popular culture has also not helped attribute scrap yards with the environmental good they do. In Breaking Bad (spoiler alert) characters are killed in an unsupervised scrap yard. It’s a scarcely known fact that scrap yards are monitored and regulated by the government. In order to remain compliant and operational, these places have to follow strict regulations to prevent injury and create a safe environment.

Scrap Yards like Greendog are providing an excellent service that is not only helping increase profit margins for contractors, but also contributing to the well-being of our planet. Greendog recycles mountains for ferrous and nonferrous metals every year. Our goal is to keep as much metal out of landfills as we can, and this is an unrelenting effort. In landfills, metals will take anywhere from 200 to 1,000 years to biodegrade. Instead, the the metal we recycle can be reused to make a number of important products such as window frames, food cans, furniture, even art.

Aside from helping the environment, the scrap metal you bring to Greendog can earn you money. Depending on the amount and type of metal you bring, a sizeable profit can be made. Next time you find yourself dumping materials from a demolition site into one big bin, stop and think. Separate the metals, strip them of unvaluable/unrecyclable appendages, and bring them to Greendog. The tons of metal that is normally trashed can earn you some unexpected cash.

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