Reduce Your Paper Footprint

It’s easy for magazines and mail to pile up at home. The terms ‘digital copy’ and ‘email subscription’ had not become relevant until recently. According to, North Americans consume more than any other continent on earth – about 500 lbs. every year. Where does that leave us in the future? Resourceless. Each day natural resources are used, they are more susceptible to elimination.

We understand that many of the day-to-day products ingrained in our society are made with paper, i.e money, greeting cards, packaging, and paper comes from trees, but we don’t seem to understand the problem with endless production. Paper is the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter, after
It makes up almost a third space in landfills– 26 million tons per year.

Lady Bird Johnson, the First Lady of the United States alongside President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960’, said “[Sustainability:] It’s the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do, it’s the profitable thing to do.” Here at Greendog Recycling, we couldn’t agree more. Interested in being part of a positive change for our ecosystem? We’ve got the answers.

Spring cleaning

Spring is approaching, along with dust and allergies. When you’re tidying and tossing, save money by using dish towels instead of paper towels. They’re more durable and less wasteful, but be sure to wash them frequently to avoid insanitation.

Keep it simple (and digital)

Everything can be accessed through the internet; credit card bills, newspapers, and now even health records. When you’re given the option to receive your receipt digitally, go the paperless route and be guilt free without a bunch of papers piling up in your wallet or handbag. Unsubscribe from print catalogs and browse a brand’s website for a ‘download’ option compatible with your computer, tablet, or phone.

Digital is a great option in addition for a business setting. You no longer feel the need to have file cabinets filled with client information and hiring forms. You can use your store files digitally through programs like Google Drive or Dropbox to avoid losing papers. The benefits are not only reducing paper usage but you can stay extra organized on a daily basis throughout an office environment.

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