Why It Pays to Scrap

Metals are an extremely valuable resource in our industrious world. As the planet becomes depleted of its resources, the availability of metals like copper, aluminum and steel decreases. Without these metals, we would be unable to, among other things, construct buildings and houses, generate electricity, or transport ourselves and the commodities we need to live. That’s why it’s so important to recycle everything we can. And as the planet becomes depleted of these resources, the value of metals increases, which is why it can be profitable to sell your scraps.

Recycling metals at demolition sites will not only help the world by reducing waste and pollution, but it will also make a real difference to the site owners. Some metals like copper sell for $2.58 per pound. Imagine having around a 100 pounds of copper: that’s an extra $258 to buy your crew lunch, or spend on the newer tool.

Before metals can be recycled, a magnet is used to distinguish whether they are ferrous or nonferrous. The value of the metals are then assessed. The magnet will attract any piece of ferrous metals, meaning it contains iron. The magnet will not attract anything non-ferrous. Knowing the difference is important because non-ferrous metals sell more per pound than ferrous metals. Many metal recycling facilities will separate your metals, but there’s typically an additional charge.

Things to remember when scrapping metal:


○ Having your metals organized means you make more money. Many scrap yards won’t let you sort the metal at their location because it will hold up their service to other customers who have their items already sorted.
○ Separate not only between ferrous and nonferrous but also the type of metal that you have. Knowing whether you have copper, aluminum, brass, or steel will give you an idea of how much you’re going to make.


○ Clean your metals by detaching anything that is not of value. Strip copper wires of rubber, steel, debris, paint etc. Each of these things downgrades the metals and takes away from your profits.


○ You don’t want to get cheated. Call the scrap yards around your area and see what their prices are. Some may be selling at a higher price than another. You can also check out the Scrap Metal Register for the latest prices on different metals around the world.

With this basic knowledge you’re ready to earn extra cash and help the world. If you are in need of scrap recycling services contact us at 215-537-1023 or email us at info@greendogrecycling.com

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