Crutches 4 Africa

After noticing the amazing number of crutches, walkers, and wheel chairs in pristine condition that were being recycled at Greendog, we wanted to collect and donate the mobility devices.

After repeated attempts to donate the mobility devices to local organizations, we learned that in the US (due to the warranties required of medical devices) only new, unused mobility devices could be distributed.

Luckily, Greendog was able to link up with Crutches 4 Africa in January 2011.

Started in 2005, founder David Talbot was working in Uganda on a documentary film and saw the great need for mobility devices.

A polio survivor himself, David is very aware of mobility issues.  Observing people using tree limbs, rough hewn crutches and often nothing at all, just scooting along on the ground using their hands and arms for locomotion, the idea for Crutches 4 Africa was germinated. 

Since 2011, Greendog has collected and donated over 2,000 pairs of crutches, 100+ wheelchairs, and many other mobility devices.

If you want to donate your used mobility devices, please contact us.

To learn more, please visit Cruches 4 Africa

Our Local Community

Whether it is participating in neighborhood street clean-up, or sponsoring local Little League, Greendog tries to give back in a big way!

To show appreciation for our customers, we have an annual Greendog Christmas party as well as BBQs every few months.

We are proud members of:

• Aramingo Business Association

• Richmond Corridor Association

We proudly support:

• Police Athletic League