Metal recycling contributes to environmental sustainability

The world’s quickly growing population rapidly increases the demand for metal, and metal is very energy-intensive to produce from raw material.

Recycling metal contributes to environmental sustainability.  It’s the right thing to do.

Greendog Recycling was founded in response to the need for a scrap metal recycling facility where people in the Philadelphia area can do their part in taking care of the environment. With the support of our suppliers and scrap metal processors, we are part of a worldwide effort to reduce the need for mining, decrease energy use and pollution, and bolster local and global environmental sustainability.   

At our recycling facility, we purchase, sort and consolidate a variety of scrap metals.  Then we re-sell the scrap to processing companies, who pick it up and transport it to a plant where it is fed into massive shredders, ripping the material into tiny pieces known as frag. The frag is then shipped to mills where it is melted down and forged into new material like beam, coil or plate.  These products are shipped to metal manufacturers where they are made into finished products.

Every day, Greendog Recycling moves mountains of scrap metal to productive re-use. Click the arrow on the photo above to see additional views of our facility in Philadelphia.