A Call For Change: Renewable Energy

Aside from ruining roads and causing a lot of slip and falls, this winter has raised numerous concerns about climate change. As the northeastern US experienced severe blizzards, the rest of the world experienced record high temperatures. As temperatures rise, the ice in the polar ice caps melts causing sea levels to rise rapidly around the world. If humans continue using toxic, non-renewable energy, our sea levels will rise at an alarming rate. As this happens, migrations will increase around the world. Being aware of available renewable energy alternatives will delay the damage of these strains on the environment.
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Renewable energy is energy created without using finite amounts of resources. Unlike fossil fuels that take millions of years to form, renewable energy can be replenished quickly and easily. Since energy is obtained from the sun, running water, or the wind, among other sources, there is no need to fear running out of energy, at least until the Sun dies. The diversity in alternative energy prevents entire regions from losing power due to natural disasters. When hurricane Sandy hit, many homes were left without power when gas and nuclear power plants were shut down. Renewable energy power plants hardly sustained any damage and remained operational throughout the disaster.
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Opponents to alternative energy argue that this source cannot produce the same amount of energy as fossil fuels. If each type of renewable energy were to stand alone in powering a region then this could be true. However, a mix of solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, etc. creates plenty of clean energy to power regions even in the event of a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Unlike energy derived from fossil fuels, renewable energy is not unstable. There is no need to fear gas leaks, nuclear meltdowns, or oil spills. The best part is that renewable energy poses no hazards to the environment or the the wellbeing of human beings or other creatures.

In order to make a dent in the damage that global warming is causing action must be taken by individuals. Make the switch to a renewable energy providers to make a difference daily. You can find who the renewable energy providers in your state are by visiting http://1.usa.gov/1mUDhlT.

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